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Who are we?

This website is operated by FlixU movies, part of Flixu Music LTD, a movies company that has been around the Digital movie and music business for almost 20 years.

We have lots of experience. We decided as a movie company to offer this site to movie buffs. We are not operated by tech guys,

We are operated by movie people of the first degree. The first condition of people to work with us is that they truly love movies.

The movies on our site are curated. If you would like to sell your movie or clips on our site then you need to talk to us first.

Just submit the movie or clip and then we will upload it for you

We have to make sure the movie is of proper nature and allowed.

We are limiting the movies on this site to good quality movies.

Later on we will classify the movies by the type of movies so it will be easier to find what you like. We will advertise the site to the right people so that people who really love movies and want to be involved will come in and check it out.

All selections come on demand with the following:

You can use the movies purchased for Selling the movie or clip via 1000s of sites,, you can try iTunes and so many more! ( not our responsibility if they will accept the movie)
You can do it via our company. We can try to place it for you everywhere. We have a distribution company.
If there is a restriction on where the movie or clip could be sold , please follow the restriction!
You can license the movie for some other use like advertising , have it play on VOD ( 1000’s of VOD sites over 5000 world wide.

What do you get when you buy this NFT?

Documentation of license provided
A certificate of authenticity
A glass frame (mailed to you) to hang your certificate
A digital video picture frame (for purchases over $1000) so you can place the product you bought and play it to your guests with pride!

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